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Mermaid Serenity

Tattered wings
Now fin and tail.
Broken and feathers withered .
They leave no trail.

I jumped off a cliff needing relief.
From pure madness .
Growing Entropy.
I was already in decay
Forbidden to fly ,wings
That were restricted
From knowing breezes
And sunlit purple hazy mountains.
These wings,
They had forgotten the feel of spraying
And splashing waters, gliding over the ocean I once knew .
The Ocean of dreams.
It seems, it remembers.
The Ocean never forgets.

"Catch me if I fall!"
I yelled to the Sea.
“I’ve been here all along..”
It yells back to me.
And it slowly enveloped every dying part .
All of this lonesome heart.
Transforming me into a wanderlust
The ocean did it’s part.
Every ugly part now a glowing creature.

There were feathers, floating.
And there are tiny seashells.
And seaweed now entwined.

That’s where
Her soul
And the Seashore

A siren sings quietly
“I’m no longer alone”

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